Thursday, August 21, 2008

Do Fortune Cookies Really Predict Anything?

OK don't get me wrong, I'm not an idiot, I know that the fortunes you find inside a cookie don't mean JACK! BUT I'm all about signs and omens and tonight I think I got one ...

I opened two cookies, one for LLB and one for myself. And while the fortunes themselves were completely unimportant, it was what was on the back that caught my eye. On the back of mine was "JUNE" with the Chinese character spelling and then the phonetic Chinese pronunciation. On the back of LLB's was "GIRL" with the Chinese character spelling and then the phonetic Chinese pronunciation.
I'm pretty confident that we'll have another child. Not right now, new job has held up that progress. But I'm thinking we'll want to get pregnant early next year.

I'd LOVE a May baby or even a June baby and that's where the fortune comes in. I felt like it was telling me I'd have a June baby ... or get pregnant in June ... and then LLB's fortune made me think it would be a girl. I'm THAT mom who wants girls. Don't flame me, I think many moms know a specific sex of a child that they want, some are just afraid to say it, and some are happy with whatever. While a little boy would be something different and I'd be quite excited ... I really want another girl.

FIrst of all we have ALL girly stuff. I'm not a gender neutral kind of gal, LLB's room is VERY girly. Incorporating a boy into that would be a nightmare. And I would feel the need to add a boy splash if we had a boy. We also only have 2 bedrooms, so two girls sharing a room would be nice. I'm an only child, so the thought of a sibling is something foreign to me, but as warm as the thought is, I like the thought of sisters even more.

I think LLB would make a fabulous big sister and I just really think my whole life will be balanced with 2 little girls. So the question is what do those signs mean? I guess we'll have to tempt fate and see what happens. I'm a litte "freaked out" that all my friends who had girls first had boys second ... hmmm

Thinking Pink,

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