Saturday, August 16, 2008

What Every Working Mother Dreads

I had the week from hell last week and I was working around the clock -- my life was barely my own but I did the best I could to be there for my family and tend to my daughter. Thursday was an important launch day for me (more on that in a moment) and I knew the day would be a long one. At about 2:30PM my daughter's teacher IMed (yes they IM and email us and I LOVE it) me and said that LLB was sad and crying (not really sobbing or tearful crying, but a sad whine) and saying "I want my mommy." My heart leapt into my throat. There as NO way I could leave work but it broke me heart to think it.

See I, like most working moms, promised myself and, in turn, her that I would always be there for her. That my every act would still be for her and if she needed me I would be there. Thursday I wasn't able to do that. Now mind you, my 2.5 year old was fine 5 minutes later. I watched her on the webcam and saw that she was happily playing again. But for a fleeting moment I felt completely lost.

While this feeling sucked, it did open my eyes. First of all, every mom will likely have a moment where they feel like they let their child down, whether they work or not. And I stand by my decision to work and know that I am doing the best thing for her, my husband and my FAMILY! She didn't even realized that I didn't go get her and our lives went on. But I know that held her extra close this weekend and made sure the blackberry and laptop weren't out on her watch so she could have my undivided attention.

She Works Hard for the Money,

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