Saturday, August 23, 2008

Let's Get Political

I grew up in the Washington, DC area so politics were a constant source of discussion in my household. I'll spare you my actual political views as they have nothing to do with what I aim to do on here ... but what does relate is political clothing for tots!

Shirts with all sorts of political jargon on them exist all over the net, but I compiled a list of some of the ones I thought were the cutest. You'll notice my 50/50 split between parties ... who says we can't all get along?

First up is Kidoodle Tee's "Democrat in training" and "Republican in training tees." For $13.99 you can get a cute toddler tee that tells the whole world which party your child will grow up supporting.

The "Don't Blame Me..." tee from SavvyTot is one my personal faves. It makes a nice political point without affiliating itself with any one side. Let's be honest our children may grow up to *GASP* support a different political party and there's not a whole lot we can do about that.

This "You down with GOP..." tee from Pollytod, actually made me giggle, Naughty by Nature's 'OPP' was an anthem of the early 90s and to affiliate itself with the conservative side is just a piece of irony all in itself. Nonetheless, this tee is sure to get some attention.

I, personally, don't like shirts that offer up such a bold message, as the "My diaper is like a ..." tee from GabbyTees on a young child. Everyone knows what the missing word is and for most of us it's the more rude way of saying "poop." That being said, there are those among us who feel strongly about our beliefs and actually might a kick out of seeing their toddler in this tee.

I love a cute slogan and "My Mama's for Obama" by Sandbox Threads one delivers the perfect punch. I also appreciate that it shows that the tot's mama is the one supporting Obama. We all know toddlers could care less who the president is -- as long at that person doesn't take away ice cream or playgrounds. So I think it's a wise idea (in political situations) to let the opinion stick with the parents.

The "Weepublican" tee from Kidoodle Tees is just all around cute. From the adorable elephant graphic to the tiny tot messaging at the bottom this tee is perfect for all the wee-publicans.

I was surprised at the shortage of cute slogan tees for McCain supporters. While there's plenty of conservative pride clothing , there isn't a lot of McCain-specific creativity. Obama, on the other hand, has cutesy tee after tee aimed at supporting him. This "Obama Baby" shirt is another one that shows a fun, creative flair.

Rock the Vote,

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