Friday, December 7, 2007

RAMBLING: Jav-ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Hello, my name is Bronwyn and I'm addicted to coffee. Please raise your hands if you feel the same way. My love affair with coffee began at a Starbucks in Alexandria when I was a senior in high school. I remember when it opened. Back then I only went a couple times a week and Frappuccinos were my beverage of choice. Then in college I discovered the White Chocolate Mocha and fancy lattes became my forte.

Now as a grown adult I usually prefer a simple cup of joe to any fancy latte, though that doesn't stop me from ordering one now and then. I've tried just about every fancy latte that Starbucks has ever put out. And while I know that Starbucks isn't the best coffee in the world I have a true brand affinity for them.

Now to the problem, I would drink coffee all day long if I could. Not because of the caffeine but coffee is my social drink. I love to meet people for coffee, run to get coffee with people, even just make people a cup of coffee. Everything about the routine is social and it really soothes me.

And lastly, my shopping angle kicks in. After all my first addiction IS shopping. Have you seen their new personalized gift cards. Too bad I change my drinks every 3 days, because they babies are ADORABLE! This is where my photographic memory comes in handy and several of my friends will be getting them with their fave drink on it!

Lattes All Around,

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