Monday, December 3, 2007

RAMBLING: Juicy for Juicy

Sadly I have to admit that I'm EXTREMELY impressionable. It's quite pathetic. My current "dilemma" is simple really, I want a Juicy Charm Bracelet. The sad part is that for at least 2 years I've scoffed at them. Mainly because they are HUGE, the links on the bracelet are twice the size of a normal one and the charms are VERY big. Though I never said they weren't cute. Some of the charms have some super-cool features, like the 2007 Special Edition Gingerbread House that opens from the bottom to show a dog. So stinkin' cute!

It's not very expensive though once you add in all the charms I want, it ain't cheap. But I've certainly asked hubby to spend a pretty penny on Tiffany & Co. in the past. My problem is this, first of all I feel like I'm jumping on the bandwagon. All of a sudden, something I've snubbed in the past is on my drool list. And second of all, I have a MILLION charm bracelets. Well not a million, but I have the silver heart tag bracelet, a bracelet with bug charms (both from T&Co.), a charm bracelet I've had since I was a child with all sorts of cute charms on it and another one that hubby gave me as a push present with baby shoes on it. Two of them have no extra charms on them but the ones they originally came with and yet I want more.

You might be saying, buy the Juicy charms and add them to your existing bracelets. That's not an option. All of my bracelets are sterling silver, my metal of choice, and the Juicy ones are gold colored :-\. Secondly, if I load this thing up with Holiday Charms what will I do the rest of the year around? I can't break the thought of it though. I think about it all the time. And this usually means I will succumb to the pressure.

Charmed, I'm Sure,

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Monika K said...

Don't succumb to the pressure :-) Remember, your choice of metal is silver (white). What will you wear the gold with? You will have to get some matching pieces in gold as well. On the other hand, since these aren't that expensive...hmm, I'm really not helping huh? Isn't it interesting how we snub certain items but then secretly want and buy them? Ohh they joys of being a woman :P