Tuesday, December 25, 2007

RAMBLING: Meet My Mini Me -- Ms. Chatterbox

Someone flicked a switch for LLB and she talks up a storm now. And I mean CONSTANTLY. Mommy sit here, Mommy for you, Mommy bless you ... the list goes on. The way she says Mommy could literally melt my heart and she's truly the most loving little girl.

She's at that point though where when she points out something, whatever it may be, you must acknowledge what she's saying OR else she will repeat it over and over until you do. Sometimes it's quite painful, really.

But I love seeing how her brain has developed and how she's able to put together sentences and statements now. For instance, just last night we were driving home and my husband said something quite silly, I laughed at him, he laughed, she laughed her fake "I'm laughing because everyone else is" laugh and then said "FUNNY" with complete sarcasm. We died. We asked her if she was saying "funny" because were honestly shocked she said it and she said, "You're FUNNY!" Watching her understand and process things is the most amazing part.

Doesn't This Thing Have a Mute Button?,

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