Saturday, December 1, 2007

Rambling: Time for a Transition

LLB is starting to try to climb out of her crib. All I've caught her doing so far is getting her leg up on the bar of her crib. But I'm sure she could pull herself up and over if she really tried. She's not ready for a big girl bed though, so I'm a little at a loss here...

Do I wait until she falls? Do I wait until she does it regularly? Right now it's maybe once or twice a week that she does it. We have a full size twin in her room. I do not want to do a toddler bed, so what do I do about that? She can get off the twin bed with no problem, but not sure she's ready to sleep on it.

I thought we would wait until she was closer to 3 for this, didn't think that I'd be worrying about it before she even turned 2. UGH Anyone have any advice?

Spider-Man Is My Baby's Daddy,


Monika K. said...


I have enjoyed reading your blog. It is very entertaining and informative. I would suggest you definitely give the twin bed a try and not wait for a fall. Put some kind of a railing on the bed so she doesn't fall off and let her try her big girl bed. My niece was in a twin bed by the time she was 18 months and did great. I have a 6 month old girl so I have a little time before I decide on a toddler bed or twin bed but I found myself thinking about it the other day and researching it on the internet. I am also a little bit obsessed and love to check out my options/reviews before I buy anything. Just curious but why did you decide against the toddler bed? I think there might be another way if you would rather keep her in the crib. There are safety nets (mesh tent) you can put on top of the crib. Check out and type in crib tent. It is a little pricey at $70 but it helps prevent falls. Let me know what you decide. Good Luck!

P.S. What does LLB stand for?

Bronwyn said...


I'm so glad to have you on my site. Please feel free to comment to any post. I love seeing what my readers say.

I am only "against" a toddler bed because we don't have room for one in her room. Just before she was born we bought a twin bed with trundle to match all the furniture in her room, for two reasons. 1) For when she got older and needed a bed and 2) so I could sleep with her in her room when she was a baby. So adding a toddler bed will just monkey things up. And I'm not going to break down the crib right away. So I'd prefer to move to the twin when she's ready.

I just might do the net, we'll see.

And LLB stands for Little Love Bug a nickname for my peanut.

Again, thanks for reading!