Wednesday, November 14, 2007

RAMBLING: I See Said the Blind Girl

LLB was still hanging out in a rear-facing seat. I had read how much safer it was and honestly she wasn't bothered by not facing forward. She didn't know any differently and she is barely 22 pounds so I felt so much better knowing she was safe.

Lately though she's been pitching fits in her carseat. It had nothing to do with being rear-facing, again she didn't know any better. But I knew if I flipped her it would give her something "new" in the car and she would likely stop pitching a fit.

So the seat was flipped around last night. My first thought was how much bigger my backseat looked with the seat turned around. It was like the rear-facing seat had eclipsed 1/2 the back of my car for almost 2 years! She was happy to get into it this morning. I commented on how much more she would be able to see. To which she proclaimed "I SEE!" Now this goes back to my glasses, when I take them off I proclaim, "I can't see" to her to stress how important they are. Then when I put them back on I say, "I can see!" She has taken to stealing my line.

The whole ride to childcare she shouted "I SEE!" over and over. It was hysterically wonderful. The clincher was when we arrived at the childcare center. I went around to take her out. To which she told me, "no." She then kicked, screamed and wriggled in her seat, the way she used to do as I loaded her INTO the carseat before. When I got her out she kept shouting "Seat! Seat!" to me. It was her way of telling me to put her back.

It was adorable, she didn't want to get out of her seat. Heading home from work had much the same effect. We get home, she whines about leaving the car. I suppose it's better then listening to her scream the whole car ride somewhere.

Smack It Up, Flip It, Rub It Down,

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