Saturday, November 3, 2007

RAMBLING: What a Week

I spent some serious dough this week and unfortunately 90% of it was on dang car parts! :-\ I suddenly wish I lived in a city and didn't even have to bother with the stupid things. Tuesday it was two new tires and an alignment. Wednesday it was a state inspection and rear brake job. Thursday it was an emissions inspection and a trip to DMV as my tags expired on 10/31. Needless to say almost one thousand dollars and countless hours later I was done. Thank the lord. Too bad I have to go back in a month for a front brake job.

Friday I co-hosted a purse party with one of gal pals. It was a blast, and I have a post coming up next with my review of these hot bags! LLB has some cold bug and is not quite herself. BLAH! I'm hoping she wakes up a new toddler for her sake and mine.

I've done some personal shopping this week, too. Carters had an adorable hat and mitten set that I picked up for LLB though I picked up the 12-24 month size instead of the 2T-3T I meant to so I have to exchange it. Poor kid has a HUGE head! I found some adorable long sleeve shirts for LLB at Gap Outlet. I realized even though the kid needed new clothes like a hole in the head that she didn't have ANY long sleeves. Well that problem is fixed now.

And of course my final purchase was at my purse party last night! Review coming right up.

Point Me to the Nearest Shopaholics Anonymous Meeting,

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