Thursday, November 15, 2007

REVIEW: Ugg Or Uggly?

I will admit I have several pairs of Uggs, when I preggers I lived in them. I will not lie to you and say I think they're cute I think they're heinous BUT they are comfy and warm. I also like the fun colors, it's an easy way to infuse some color into your wardrobe! So when I saw these I was torn.

Ugg Australia Wahine Embroidered Boot

They are visually stunning! The embroidery is beautiful and I love the chocolate brown backing with the bright-colored flowers. But are they ugly? I can't decide. Part of me screams YES they're disgusting. But part of me really likes them, and to be honest I might even order them!

What do you think? Check them out at!

Lugging My Uggs Around,


Erinclot said...

I think these are the cutest Uggs I've seen- although they remind me of the rug I've been eyeing for my dining room.

Diane said...

At first glance, they are really ugly....but once you really check them out, they are really beautiful! I would love to see them in person. But that price tag- way out of my price range!

Bronwyn said...

Erin, I like your taste in rugs! :-) Guess it's not Ugg or Uggly it's Ugg or Ruggly!

Diane, I know what you mean. I think I need to see them in person to really decide and I stay away from Neiman's because I'm too tempted by designer clothing.

kere said...

i think they are extremely heinous! (is that how you spell it?? :-) )

Bronwyn said...

why yes Kere, that's how you spell it... I'm glad to see you are sticking around on my blog! :-P