Thursday, November 1, 2007

REVIEW: Old Navy's New Stuff

I'm almost always pleasantly surprised by Old Navy's spring and fall lines. This fall is no exception. I was in there the other day and while I left with only thing for myself (and of course several for LLB HA!) I was smitten with several things.

Women's Printed Turtleneck Dresses -- $32.50

This is the ONE thing I bought myself and I LOVE it. I am really into the new sweater dress trend but I have to be careful because I get overheated in turtlenecks. This dress gives me this super-cute trend but with the option of not being overheated!

Women's Turtleneck Sweater Dresses -- $36.50

I was thiscloseto buying this one, too. But I knew it would cause me to itch and turn red in the face from the weight of the sweater. It's adorable though!

Women's Wool-Blend Trapeze Peacoats -- $78

If only it came in red, my signature pea coat color. But for under $80 you can't go wrong with these polished and perfected pea coats.

Women's Cummerbund Pencil Skirts -- $34.50

If you have some holiday functions coming up, this skirt will look smashing. Paired with a bright, red blouse or even a nice cardigan you will look dressy and yet be comfy all at the same time.

Women's Cable-Knit Toggle Sweaters -- $34.50

I love sweaters, I have a closet full of them. But I love when they're distinct. So instead of having just a million basic sweaters I buy toggles and cardigans and sweaters that all have a distinct look and feel.

Have you found anything cool lately? Share it! I love to see what people find on their shopping adventures.

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