Tuesday, November 6, 2007

RAMBLING: Pushing Daises Fashion Fantastic

I set my TiVO for Pushing Daisies way back when ... then never watched it. I let the episodes pile up and even debated cancelling the Season Pass or just deleting the eps. But I didn't, they stayed and finally this weekend, when LLB was too sick for us to leave the house, I watched them. And I LOVED them! All 5 of them! HA!

Besides the absolutely adorable story line and cute narrations, the fashions are to-die-for! My only complaint would be the excessive use of boobs, I mean seriously do we have to have cleavage in EVERY dang shot? But that aside the dresses bring us back to a simpler time and are almost Stepford Wife-ish! And yet I drool.

From head-to-toe they accesorize the characters, bringing hats, pumps and purses to the forefront and delighting my eyes. I've not been this impressed with costume prep since 'Sex and the City' and I have yet to be disappointed by an ensemble. I also have to commend them on their use of color, this is no black and white area, they use pinks, reds, even yellows! I'm in love!

Dress Me Up in Your Clothes,

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