Wednesday, November 7, 2007

REVIEW: Buntings -- Baby It's Cold Outside

LLB was born in February, and in February around here it's still freezing. So I knew I had to get her a bunting. My mom purchased us a snowsuit but I knew that you had to be careful with snowsuits and carseats. So I debated the JJ Cole Bundle Me.

It was one of the last things on my registry and I hadn't gotten around to getting it when I went in to labor. Ironically it arrived while I was in the hospital but I didn't open it until we got home. So the snowsuit got us home from the hospital. But from then on I used the Bundle Me. I went with the Bundle Me Urban in Ice and it was perfect.

The outer is made of quilted nylon that protects against wind and rain. And the inner is made of microsuede that warmth and even a touch of style. LLB seemed to like how soft it was against her skin and I liked that I didn't have to layer blankets on her and worry that they might fall off. The handy zipper closure ensures that the child stays bundled in and nothing falls out. Best of all it can pull up all the way to the top of the seat, helping shield baby from snow and rain!

When LLB outgrew her infant one I purchased a toddler one and this is one item I recommend for anyone. If you don't live in an area that gets super-cold they make light-weight versions, too.

Product Information
Bundle Me Urban

Made by JJ Cole
Use with car seats, strollers, and joggers
Wind and water resistant
Machine washable
Removable top for easy temperature control
Crash tested- FMVSS 213
Allows safety straps to rest directly on child
Priced at approximately $50
Find yours on Google

Buying Tip: These items pop up on sale all the time, especially as the seasons draw to an end, so keep an eye on the sales and try to buy ahead. I scored my Toddler sized one for almost half price!

On a Cold Winter's Night,

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