Saturday, September 22, 2007

RAMBLING: The Great Phone Debate

I HEART gadgets ... anyone who knows even the slightest detail about me knows this! I've been through several iPods in the past 5 years, at least a half dozen phones and a even several computers. It is from my dad that I got this crazy behavior, he gets a new car every 3-4 years, and a new computer (either completely new or new motherboard) probably every year.

My current dilemma is WHAT to get. Here's what I "want":

Blackberry 8830
iPhone or an iPod Touch
Hitachi Mogul
Katana II

I have Sprint and am most likely not leaving them, so I have to stick with their lineup, I would be willing to add an account at AT&T for the iPhone, just keep reading. I have a Katana, it's pretty and pink, I like girly things, what can I say? It's seen better days :-\ I don't like leather cases and the thing is really beat up. There is a new Katana II out ... it's decent looking but I still don't think it's as slick as the MotoRazr2. The MotoRazr2 is uber-expensive and only comes in ugly colors right now. Jeez haven't they learned anything, we all want color, PRETTY color at that. I am pretty certain I'll hold out for the cheaper and prettier MotoRazr2, we'll see.

I have a PocketPC phone, the PPC-6600 to be exact. And I actually LOVE the thing. I'm a PC girl who's being slowly wooed by Mac. I have a PowerBook that I'm cheating on my desktop PC with, the PC knows of the Mac's existence but doesn't think my feelings are true. Truth be told, if the PowerBook were an iMac my PC would be collecting dust right now. I'm that smitten with Mac, and that says A LOT! So I think the iPhone looks cool, I'm not an idiot though, when I have a multi-device like an iPhone or PDA I keep a standard phone. I hate talking on bricks. I have corporate exchange email though that will ONLY work on a Crackberry! If I don't do the iPhone I will likely upgrade to an iPod Touch and let LLB have my shiny Video iPod. Did I mention that I'm ADDICTED to gadgets? UGH ... I know there's people in my shoes ... share 'em if you got 'em!

Decisions Be Damned,

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