Friday, September 28, 2007

REVIEW: Nursing Covers -- Perfectly Discreet

I was a PROUD nursing mom. I knew how good it was for my daughter and all the benefits it gave to both of us. I was, however, a bit prude-y and didn't want to feel like I was exposing myself in public. So I sought out a nursing cover up. Let me state, that I have no problem with women who nurse in public and don't cover up, that's their perogative, this is all about a personal choice. And I know for a fact I would have had some tough moments feeding my child if I hadn't had this coverup.

When a mommy friend shared this find I was ecstatic. A "nursing cover" is PERFECT. The material is lightweight, so my baby who HATED a blanket on her head, hardly knew it was there. And, most have a plastic at the top that helps create the perfect arch so I could keep an eye on my daughter and still keep covered up. And the come in cool patters, what could I possibly have to complain about?

I, personally bought a Bebe Au Lait cover in the Mayfair print.
There are a ton of other sites out there though. Some other sites that look cool are, Modest Mums, Modest Mommy Cover and Milk Chic.

Buying Tip: There are MANY of these items on eBay and the 'net. So do some searching if you think you can find a better deal or print. They take a TINY bit of practice, by about the 3rd use you will feel pretty confident in it's abilities. I practiced a lot at home before ever leaving the house with it.

Because Breast Is Best,

*this is a reposting of a review originally posted 02/28/07

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