Thursday, September 27, 2007

REVIEW: Bath Toys -- So Fresh and So Clean

LLB absolutely adores bath time. And I know she adores her bath toys as well. We have a couple of things she plays with just about every bath.

First of there's her Animal Bath Squirties! She loves to kiss them goodbye and put them away when bath time is done. She can make the sounds that most of them make and she loves when you squirt her with them.

Crayola® Color Dotz
One thing that has really helped with getting LLB into the bath are these Crayola Color Dotz Bathtub Tints. She loves selecting a color before each bath and they're non toxic so if she drinks a little bath water I don't have to panic.

This isn't a toy, but it does allow me to get LLB's hair rinsed somewhat easily. I have to admit the Shampoo Rinse Cup not the easiest thing to use and a regular cup actually rinses better. But, it keeps the water and shampoo completely out of LLB's eyes and holds a decent amount of water.

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