Monday, September 24, 2007

REVIEW: Mobiles -- Love for Tiny Love

While I was expecting I received a list of products that fellow employee parents really liked! I skimmed down it and noticed a mobile that sounded great. I had put my whole nursery together, everything was done, EXCEPT for the mobile. I couldn't find one I liked ... it was a nightmare :-O

When I shared the list with my email loop of other moms expecting in February, I got several responses from the moms on there that that mobile was a TRUE find! I was sold, I didn't need to read anything more about mobiles, I had found the one I wanted. I tracked it down at my local Babies R Us store and happily added it to my registry.

I couldn't wait to see what the LLB would think of it. Well, she LOVED it. Now, mind you, I didn't try any others, so maybe she would have liked the others just as much. But she LOVED this one, and because of that I have actually found a personal love for the company that makes it, Tiny Love. We had several of their stroller/carseat toys and she seemed to truly prefer them.

I was able to take showers and even just mellow out for 15 minutes at a time, while the LLB laid in her crib and watched the little animals go around and around. I was even sad when she finally got so big that I had to take the thing down, it looked so cute on her crib.

Product Information
Symphony in Motion Mobile
Made by Tiny Love
Comes in several models: Light & Motion, Farmyard Animals, Animals, Geometric Shapes and Remote Control
Features three different musical choices (Beethoven, Mozart or Bach):
Plays a fifteen minute snippet of music
Prices range from $30 - $50
Find yours at Google

Buying Tip: The version with the remote is the most expensive... and not necessarily worth it. I never used it, it's nice to have, but the LLB just didn't need the mobile to go longer then the 15 minutes it does. The remote also has a VERY short range so if you're goal is to use it while be invisible to your child you might feel like you're conducting a mission impossible. Tiny Love also listened to parents' feedback and allowed a switch on the newer models for turning the music OFF so you can let other music play while the mobile goes around.

To find out more about their mobiles and great products go to Tiny Love's site.

You Spin Me Right Round,

*this is a reposting of a review originally posted 07/29/06

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