Wednesday, September 26, 2007

REVIEW: Bla Bla Black ... Doll?

On a recent trip to New York with the LLB I found the cutest little toy. Directly across from our hotel was a cute little gift shop and they sold Bla Bla dolls. I have to admit that I was more into them then LLB at first but she now loves her Leopold the Lion doll.

I have to admit that I had never heard of the brand before our stop in that shop. And I don't remember what I paid for the doll, but their site says $32 for the mini one (which is what she has). They aren't the cheapest things but they are absolutely ADORABLE. As I peruse the site I can't help but notice how many more I want. The dolls are so cute and they make bags and hats and, well see for yourself at the site:

Product Information
Rag Doll
Made by Bla Bla
Tons of styles to choose from
Bright, vibrant colors
Made well with quality materials
Prices range from $31 - $120
Find yours at

Buying Tip: I know the price is steep, but these dolls make great gifts and loveys if your child needs one. The characters are wicked cute and kids will delight at how soft and cuddly they are.

Lovey of my Life,

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