Monday, September 24, 2007


Everyone has that ONE picture, the one where they were skinny and therefore happy. I'm not saying happiness is being skinny, but in my world I was happy when I was skinny! I was looking for pictures of me as a child that prove that the LLB is in fact my child, despite having dark hair and eyes and I found my skinny picture.

I can tell from the shirt that I'm wearing that I was at my skinniest when the shot was taken. So this would be from the early spring of 2003 when I was doing Weight Watchers. What's funny is it's not my FAVORITE shot of myself, but yet there's something about it I want to relish.

Now I shall post the picture here to share with you all, in the hopes that tomorrow when I want ANOTHER latte and/or cookie I will instead look at this pic and deprive myself.

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I wasn't sure if I wanted to do WeightWatchers again, but now I'm sure I do. Wish me luck!

Weighing My Options,

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