Monday, September 24, 2007

RAMBLING: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

The rejuvenation of the super-bob, AKA Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham's 'do, has me in a quandry. I fluctuate between long and short hair like most people fluctuate between weights. Don't get me wrong my weight fluctuates, too (see Blue Jean Designer Queen Posting), it's just my hair that I try to pay more attention to!

Back to the question of the day ... should I chop off my hair? I would probably not do anything as severe as the "Posh." My hair is just below my shoulders right now and I'm torn at deciding it's fate. I actually don't mind the length half the time, but I'm in a rut and think I need the change. I have determined that highlights and lowlights for the fall will help. So I'm signed, sealed, delivered on those. But what about the length?

Here's some photographic proof of all my hair iterations ... enjoy the trip and then tell me what you think I should do!

1996 with the Drew Barrymore wicked-short hair
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* yes that's me and my hubby at a Prom ... aw, ain't that sweet?

2002 with long hair
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*say hello to Joey McIntyre everyone, ah that was a GREAT day

2003 with shorter, layered and lighter hair
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2005 with shorter and DARKER hair
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2006 with a post-pregnancy bob and highlights
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2007 (may) with medium-length and highlighted hair

2007 (current) with long, in desperate need of color hair

Waiting for Your Verdict,


Anonymous said...

I am chopping my hair off this weekend, B....I am all for long hair in the summer, but now that fall is here....I want it all gone! I loved your bob, righr after LLb was born....Diane

alanna said...

hellooo it's alanna, your friendly coworker :)

i think you should stick with your current length, and maybe (now hear me out!) go with side bangs.

your hair is naturally straight and easier to maintain, and i think it'll look absolutely adorable on you. i know side bangs are completely overdone nowadays, but you don't have to go completely hipster with them and have 'em cover half your face... just bangs cheekbone-length would look fierce on you! and if they're a pain to sport when you're wearing your glasses, you can put them up in a pomp pretty easy.

i'm all about the side bangs... i try so hard to maintain mine, but being that i have naturally curly hair it's a mess!!! i just discovered amazing anti-frizz conditioner by loreal that is slightly helping me out.

so yeah, side bangs... and if not, i like 2003 hair.