Tuesday, September 25, 2007

REVIEW: Nail Polishes -- Fall for These Colors

I'll be the first to admit that I'm in DESPERATE need of a manicure! But, I'm a nail biter -- and skin nibbler, it's GROSS I know!. And therefore find it hard to justify paying someone 15 my hard-earned dollars to work on my hands, that I'll just destroy in 3 day's time.

I prefer to indulge in at-home manicures, so that I can spend that $15 on something for LLB. Let's face it, the kid needs more clothes ... NOT! I also have toted along my own nail polish colors for years, the salons I go to never have updated colors and I also have a soft place in my heart for Essie nail polish and they don't seem to carry it.

Here are my ABSOLUTE favorite colors for fall nails

Essie "Material Girl": A deep plum with a mix of burgundy
*image from All Lacquered Up

Essie "Downtown Brown": The perfect chocolate brown

OPI "Siberian Nights": Deep purple meets black

CND "Hyde in the Park": Sparkly grey metallic
*image from All Lacquered Up

China Glaze "VI": Shimmering coral mixed with burnt orange
*image from All Lacquered Up

CND "Ruby Red": Bright, brilliant red
*image from All Lacquered Up

There you have it, my favorite colors for fall and even the holidays! Now if only I could sit still long enough to do my own nails.

Painting a Perfect 10,

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