Saturday, September 22, 2007

REVIEW: Diaper Pails -- Cuz Poop Happens

There are certain things about babies that are inevitable. Poopy diapers are but one of them. All babies will have them, we know that. But their rooms don't have to smell like they have them. If you use normal disposable diapers you will need some sort of disposal system. Like I did with most of my purchases I looked to Amazon (back when they were partnered with Babies R Us) for my recommendation. In early 2006, there are really only two worth mentioning, on the market, the Diaper Genie and the Diaper Dekor.

The Diaper Dekor seemed to win hands down, mainly because you didn't need your hands to use it! It has a foot pedal that lifts the lid so you don't need to touch the can at all. No twisting of diapers and best of all you can do it all while holding your baby. You can even transform it into a normal trash can when you're done with a diaper pail. I saw recently a Diaper Genie II is on the market, I know nothing about it, but I would still select my Diaper Dekor again.

Product Information
Diaper Dekor

Made by Regal-Lager
Liner holds 480 newborn and 220 large diapers
Triple seal locks in odors and germs
No assembly required
Priced at approximately $30
Find yours at Google

Buying Tip: The liners aren't too expensive which is a plus and the large capacity means you don't have to replace it constantly. I also just recently discovered that people are making covers for them, so not only will it keep your nursery smelling good but it can keep it looking good, too.

I Poop You Not,
*this is a reposting of a review originally posted 08/19/06

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