Sunday, October 14, 2007

REVIEW: Carriers -- A Pain in the ... BACK!

I love holding my little bean. BUT sometimes, enough is enough. I'm not one of the "Attachment Parenting" people, but I see nothing wrong with "wearing" your baby if it's comfortable for you and your baby likes it. I decided I wanted to try out a carrier. I chose the Baby Bjorn Active Carrier. It offers more support then previous models with a lower back support.

She LOVED the Bjorn, it allowed me to walk the dogs, vacuum, just about anything without her crying. Unfortunately for me, it still put a strain on my back, and wearing her in front of me wasn't always the most optimal position! I tried the PreMaxx Baby Bag ... she HATED it ... lying down wasn't for her. I tried it when she was like 3-4 months old though, so it's possible had I done a laying down one from the start she would have been a bigger fan. So I continued to use the Bjorn, in moderation!

The first time I put it on I was discouraged at the effort it took and thought I wouldn't be using it that often. By the third time I had it down pat and now I can do it with my eyes closed. My lesson is simple, give it several tries before you give up. Practice really does make perfect!

Here are the LLB and I on one particularly COLD winter night, when I needed to walk the dogs.

She was less then one month old when that picture was taken but the Bjorn held her in and I felt she was secure!

Product Information
Active Carrier

Made by Baby Bjorn
Comes in several different colors
Can be worn as early as your baby's first week
Extra back support directs your baby's weight away from your shoulders
Priced at approximately $120
Find yours on Google

Buying Tip: One of my favorite features is how it unhooks at the bottom to make it easy for diaper changes or to even lay down your sleeping baby. Try it on at the store, make sure you like it. Scour eBay and Craigslist for good deals, you don't HAVE to pay full price.

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