Friday, October 5, 2007

REVIEW: Wipes Warmers -- What's the Deal?

The wipes warmer is a HEATED debate (pun intended :-P)! Do they really work? Does the baby even care? Do they dry out the wipes? The questions are numerous. And there isn't an answer to them all, but I know this much ...

Shortly before the LLB was born my friend Michelle had her daughter, when I asked her to tell me what items she loved, she offered a great laundry list of stuff. One of her items was a wipes warmer. Now, by this time I had already done my reading on (I love reading people's reviews) and had added one to my registry. But it was nice to hear her insight, especially since she is a bit more frugal then me and wasn't buying EVERYTHING under the sun. Sorry for the tangent, now to what she said, she said something to the effect of while she doesn't know for sure that her daughter liked it, she certainly didn't wriggle and protest being wiped with a wipe from the warmer on a cold day/night!

I agree with her 100%! The LLB would allow a normal room-temp wipe to be used, she didn't cry or protest, but when she was a little peanut just home from the hospital I felt somewhat happy when I pulled the already warm wipes form the holder to clean her with. This made her early "sponge baths" easier too, as a warm wipe did a great job of cleaning her off!

There are MANY on the market. The one I list below is the one I decided on after reading the reviews ... it seemed to be the most loved and I can tell you that it works and it works WELL!

Product Information
The Ultimate Wipes Warmer

Made by Lionheart
Ever-Fresh Pillow helps retain moisture and prevents wipes from discoloring
Anti-microbial additive inhibits growth of microorganisms that may cause odors and mildew
Large tub holds all standard refill packs
Auto-lid for instant access to Pop-Up Wipes
Priced at approximately $40
Find yours at Google

Buying Tip: Make sure you position your changing table near an outlet, as the wipes warmer needs to be plugged in. Also, keep in mind, that the Ever-Fresh Pillow will require replacing every once in a while. It's also IMPORTANT that you make sure the pillow is wet, I just added water to mine once a week or so and it did fine.

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