Friday, October 19, 2007

REVIEW: Bouncy Seats -- More Bounce for the Ounce

OK, so I was prepared to embrace the bouncy seat. Everyone's baby loved them ... they soothed babies to sleep ... they worked magic ... right? Read on ...

I fell in love with the Fisher Price Baby Papasan Bouncy seat that matched my swing. It was soft, plush and BEAUTIFUL. It was quickly added to my registry. The day of my shower came and it wasn't in the gift pile. So my best friend and I hopped over to Babies R Us after the party to pick up some things with the gift cards I had. She wanted to buy me my bouncy seat. So there we were in BRU with the vast selection in front of us, when I spotted the Eddie Bauer Soothing comfort bouncer. It was in light, neutral, tan colors with cute little bear decoration. I still liked my Fisher-Price selection best and then I saw the option that sealed the deal.

It came with a mesh canopy that not only provided nice sun coverage BUT actually could zip up all the way to provide protection from bugs and animals! With two dogs at home I was worried about them having easy access to her. This solved that problem. So, home it came. WELL... 9 months later it's been used maybe 5 times. She didn't care for it. It didn't really soothe her, not that she didn't LIKE it. It just didn't do the trick. That being said, it works for TONS of babies! Just not mine!

Product Information
Soothing Comfort Bouncer - B is For Bear

Made by Eddie Bauer
Two-position netted canopy for outdoor use
Two-position seat (reclines to bassinet for naps)
Two-speed vibration and soothing nature sounds
Adjustable and removable soft toys
Soft padded headrest
Machine washable and dryer-safe quilted seat pad
Priced at approximately $50
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Buying Tip: Bouncy seats are great for traveling. We took ours on a beach trip with us ... and it helped as a seat for LLB and a place for napping in unfamiliar surroundings.

Bounce Baby, Bounce,

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