Wednesday, October 3, 2007

RAMBLING: Random Sleep Issues

I've had it good. For about a year now Antonia has been an EXCELLENT sleeper, in fact I think it was around now that she started sleeping through the night last year. Regardless, even from day one I was blessed. She slept in her crib, yes her FULL crib and actually seemed to like it.

We've had a few hiccups in her sleep pattern when new teeth were coming or she was sick. But something new has come up and I'm a little confused. The usual routine is dinner, bath, pjs, read 2-3 books, drink some water and get in bed. She hugs me, kisses me and then waves me off after I tuck her in. Starting yesterday she won't say goodbye to me, I knew this was a bad sign.

I say goodbye to her anyway and leave the room, shutting the door. A couple minutes later she starts to cry :-\ then screams! Last night I took her out and cuddled her, tried to put her back and she clung to me. So I sat on the bed in her room with her and held her until she fell asleep. Tried to put her in again and she woke up and cried. So I spent more time waiting for her to drift asleep again. Total time spent trying to get her to sleep last night was 1.5 hours.

Tonight I noticed the same pattern beginning. No waving goodbye, cried when I left the room. I went in to her room and hugged her and gave her more water and then laid her back down. She let me lay her down but I couldn't even try to leave the room without her whimpering. So I stood there for approx 20 minutes.

Mind you I know this could be worse. She could be waking throughout the night, this pattern still allows me to get sleep. But I'm a little baffled about what could be wrong all of a sudden? She is napping fine at daycare. She has a nightlight on in her room, but it's not very bright could she be afraid of the dark already? Anyone had this happen? Could it just be an odd form of separation anxiety? HELP if you can.

What Happened to Sleeping Beauty,

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