Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I started something back at the beginning of summer. I called it Mommy Dinner Night. It became a ritual. Once a month me and a group of my best mommy friends get together for dinner. We're all working moms and we cherish this time. It's guilt-free time and a great chance to play catch up and chat about our kids without chasing them around a playground.

I have to admit I have the best group of mommy friends in the world. I have an online set who I met when I first found out I was pregnant with Antonia. We started on a message board and moved to an email loop. I have several that I'm VERY CLOSE with, and who I would truly go insane without. And as a whole I like the entire lot of the email loop. We bounce ideas of each other, offer support and even have a heated debate every now and then -- We are women with hormones after all!

Then I have a set that I met at my hospital after I gave birth to LLB. It was a group for new mommies and it met at 9AM on Wednesdays. We didn't make it for at least the first month haha, but once I got into the habit of it, I LOVED it. We were able to support once and another and more importantly prove that we are not alone in this parenting thing.

Out of that larger group there are about 5 of us who meet regularly. We do Mommy Dinner, Mommy Poker, playdates and more. We have pictures of our kids at just about every phase of life together and it warms my heart to know that this is probably the beginning of some beautiful friendships for LLB.

So I wanted to stress the importance of Me Time after you have a baby! It is unlikely that you will cease to be a mother again, but you're still YOU! Go out, take a break, take a breather whatever it is. I nursed LLB so in the beginning it was hard for me to do this, but now I'm grateful for the time. I have yet to spend a night without her, and I'm not sure when I'll do that, but leaving her in the perfectly capable hands of her father is a blessing!

Reconnect with other adults, if socialization is important to you. If girlfriends aren't crucial to you just hit a coffee shop or book store and mellow out. Heck even a trip to Target sometimes does the trick. Don't get me wrong the LLB is my little best friend I take her everywhere. But when I do get away by myself for errands, it can be such a relief!

Me, Myself and I,

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