Tuesday, October 2, 2007

REVIEW: Thermometer -- It's Getting Hot in Here

There's nothing worse then a sick baby! Well actually probably a colic-y baby, but regardless a sick baby is inevitable.

Every baby will come down with an illness at some point in it's life. Fevers are commonplace as well, so it's important to know what temperature you're little one has. Everyone knows a rectal thermometer is the MOST accurate at taking an infant's temperature. I know that there was no way in hell I was sticking something up my child's butt unless I HAD TO! My reasoning is simple, a decent thermometer will give me a fairly accurate reading. If she has a fever, and we treat it, and it doesn't go down, no rectal thermometer is going to help us! We will know she has a fever period and can work with the pediatrician from there.

So once I made the decision to not go with a rectal I had several more options. They make thermometers that are pacifiers and go in the mouth, ones that go in the ear, ones that go on the temple, and ones that can be used in the mouth or under the arm. I went with an ear one. It gives me a readout VERY quickly and is FAIRLY easy to insert correctly. It does require practice and I usually do 3-4 readings to get an average.

For the heck of it I've tried the pacifier one. LLB won't hold it in her mouth long enough to get a reading, shoot even I won't hold it in that long. And the one time I had to do a rectal wasn't so bad, but I would still rather get a quick and non-messy readout this way.

Product Information
Thermoscan IRT4520

Made by Braun
All readings are display in easy-to-read LCD format
Pre-warmed tip improves measuring accuracy
Guidance system for accurate read
Measures in seconds
Disposable filter
Priced at approximately $40
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Buying Tip: Make sure you buy one that takes a QUICK AND ACCURATE reading. Nothing's worse then a squirmy, sick child and making them sit still is painful. A good thermometer should be able to take a reading in about a second!

You Give Me Fever,

*this is a reposting of a review originally posted 11/11/06

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