Saturday, October 13, 2007

RAMBLING: Adventures in the ER

We survived this long without a visit but Thursday we were off to the ER. LLB fell at daycare and they asked me to come get her. She fell while outside on her shoulder and cried if you touched it :-\ Arrived at the ER at approx 12PM and 2 hours later it was nothing. Doctor thought it was a broken clavicle but x-rays showed nothing. They also sent us back to x-ray her arm after the clavicle proved to be fine. We ate some lunch, she was in a GREAT mood. We got her home and she was doing great. She was playing outside with Hubby and she decided to jump off the stairs, obviously she isn’t good at it yet. She fell and landed on her hands and knees. She was a mess after that. I also think her teeth are bothering her so it’s been hard to pinpoint any real source of pain.

Sent her to daycare yesterday with strict orders that if she wasn’t doing OK to call me and I’d come get her in a heartbeat. They knew I meant it and with the occasional whine they said she was fine. I picked her up around 3PM and we did our usual routine, light play and dinner and then bedtime. She seemed to be doing OK to me. She would occasionally whine or cry a little but overall she was good. We ate dinner and got ready for bed. I had examined her a couple of times and decided nothing seemed to be off. After her bath though I noticed some swelling. The doc had said that would happen so I was worried but not ALARMED. We were waiting for Hubby to bring us some Motrin and when he got home, he was worried. Made us head to ER. So we did.

Arrived at 8:30PM, I commented pulling in that I was thinking we’d be out by 11PM… 11PM came and went and we weren’t even back in a room yet :-\ Needless to say 4 hours, one x-ray and one sling later we had a broken clavicle. When she fell while Hubby was watching her on Thursday she must have broken it, so either she had a hairline that they couldn’t see and that forced it OR she just couldn’t catch herself properly with the pain and broke it. Either way the girl has a broken clavicle and is doing great considering. Here are some x-rays and a shot of her with the sling. Which by the way she wanted gone 5 min after the pic.

October 11, 2007 1:30 PM

October 13, 2007 12:00 AM

Sticks and Stones May Break Her Bones,

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