Monday, October 29, 2007

RAMBLING: Feeling Slightly Giddy

Some of you have happened by my blog thanks to my recent intro over at CBB! First of all, welcome and second of all, thank you! I checked my traffic stats, yeah I'm a nerd -- though I do online content for a living, so come on you had to know I live and die by numbers -- and have a traffic thingy on my blog.

The day my intro showed up on CBB my traffic skyrocketed (I use the word skyrocketed loosely here) it wasn't in the millions or anything. But, I digress, TONS of you found your way to my humble little blog and some of you even commented on some posts. So I wanted to greet you warmly and tell you that I hope you'll come back, and come back OFTEN!

It's quite silly but seeing people commenting on my posts or even just coming by my blog really does excite me. I've been swallowed by a HUGE corporation long enough to feel like one of the millions and this blog reminds me that I'm really one IN a million. Yes I'm being cheesy, but it's true that I'm nothing without my fans (again I use the word loosely)!

If you have comments, suggestions, praise or even loathing, please post it. I promise to do my best to educate, entertain and/or just make you laugh at or with me every chance I get.

I'm Walking on Sunshine,

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