Saturday, October 13, 2007

JUST IN: Sale at Pottery Barn Kids on Halloween

I finally have something other then a review or rambling to post! I had been meaning to order LLB one of the super cute Halloween treat bags that Pottery Barn Kids was selling, they were only $12 and had free shipping.

Sounded like a deal to me. So today I hopped over to and not only did I order her the Ghost bag I had been wanting but it was on SALE! $6.99!!!!! Plus the $6 for personalization and FREE shipping, I almost had to buy more just so I wouldn't feel silly for shipping one small, CHEAP item.

I'm silly I know. This by the way is how I manage to be a shopaholic, $13? That's cheap, let's pick up a couple more sale items because they're a good deal and next thing you know I've spent upwards of $60! Well since the bag was free shipping and nothing else I was considering buying was, I went with just the bag. I even had an old PBKids gift card with $3 on it so I only had to spend $10 myself. It's a great day now where can I spend another $50? HAHA!

Shopaholic and Proud,

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