Wednesday, October 17, 2007

REVIEW: Barbie Girls -- Barbie Goes Digital

If you have a girl between the ages of 6-10 then you're likely to see Barbie Girls on her Christmas list.

These super-cool and super-cute tiny dolls are actually an MP3 player. They come with intercheangable plates so you can change her clothes, her hair, her accessories or even her attitude with a silly face.

I've done toy coverage for a long time now and I've never seen anything quite like this. It's like the iPod on steroids, but the kind of steroids that people don't get 'roid-rage from! The possibilites and accessories are endless and you can even take your Barbie Girl online for even more fun inside your very own Barbie world.

Suddenly I can't stop singing... "I'm a Barbie girl ... In a Barbie world ... Life's fantastic ... When you're plastic!" Stop the madness, make the song go away. But definitely pick one of these cool girls up!

Wishing I Could Be Barbie,

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