Saturday, October 20, 2007

JUST IN: Peg Perego Skate Stroller

I'm in love. I haven't been this ramped up about something since I first saw the announcements for the Bugaboo Cameleon. Peg Perego has just announced it's Skate Stroller. And from the looks of it it will deliver in ways that others have fallen short. It looks like the hybrid child of a Stokke Xplory, Bugaboo Cameleon and even the Quinny Buzz.

First of all it has a bassinet and child seat. The seat can telescope up and down. It has tilt options and of course the child can face outward or inward. And my key selling point ... it folds down into one piece. I simply CANNOT wait to get my hands on this beauty.

The color options aren't nearly as cool as a Bugaboo BUT they are still simple and pretty and if the stroller performs the way it should, the fabric will not matter. Looks like it might run $900 OUCH, here's another peek at it. But regardless, based on what I'm seeing, we might have a mainstream contender to the luxury stroller biz.

Skating on Thin Ice,


Anonymous said...

I love the skate, I use it to squash all the Bugaboos out there.

Kirsten said...

I was one of the first people in Toronto to get the Skate in the Moka colour. I have a love/hate relationship with the stroller. Love: The stroller is really stylish, especially in the dark chocolate brown (Moka) and the fabrics are high quality. The aluminum base is sturdy and the stroller turns on a dime and drives very smoothly. I often use the base on it's own with the car seat. It clips in easily and makes short shopping trips by car more manageable. The absence of a basket and the presence of a mesh bottom, allows me to pack in lots of groceries - way more than if there was a defined basket.
Hate: Since my little one is just 4 and a half months, I mostly use the car seat and the base, without the bassinet. The stroller is heavy and requires a good heave-ho to get into the trunk of my station wagon. It also takes up quite a bit of room. On a recent cottage trip we had to leave the bassinet behind because it didn't fit in the car. I have had problems with the brakes being really stiff. I recently brought the stroller in to a Peg Perego repair location and had them lubricate the brake/wheels. Another thing is that the plastic on the handle is starting to really get worn from being folded and picked up.
Overall this is a nice stroller. However, I might have heeded the advice of the sales lady and opted for the P3 Switch rather than the Skate if I hadn't been so wrapped up the aesthetic appeal of the stroller. This is not the stroller for the mom that requires frequently hauling it in and out of the car.