Monday, October 1, 2007

RAMBLING: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow -- UPDATE

I did it! I got a haircut and some color done. I am overall VERY pleased with it. I went with a layered cut with long bangs (great minds think alike Alanna). I took some time perusing pictures and came up with an OLD shot of Jennifer Aniston with a layered shoulder-length 'do that I liked.

Then I messed around with's new hair makeover tool. It wasn't an exact science but I found a GORGEOUS layered style on Rachel McAdams. Rachel's hair was blond but I messed around with a warm brown with high and low lights. Fall is about brown for me, I love the deep reds and browns of fall hair and I was determined to get something stylish done to my hair.

I obviously didn't want a length this long, but I LOVED how the bangs hit my glasses in my doctored up photo. I even monkeyed around in photoshopped the style shorter. I don't have it saved locally, so you'll have to let your imagination do the magic for you.

So I took all 5 million of my printouts and headed to my stylist. She was excited to hear that I wanted to go brown and immediately got to work. 2.5 hours later I left the salon a new woman! She did a FAB job. I can't wait until I can get my hands on it tomorrow and style it in a chunky, texturized way.

What did I get done? What does it look like? Sorry but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for that! I can't share my hair with the world until I've made it beautiful :-P!

Sidenote: The hubby loves it and the LLB didn't cry when she saw me, so it must not be too drastic or bad!

The Sun (and My Hair)'ll Come Out Tomorrow,

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