Sunday, October 14, 2007

REVIEW: A Better Belly

When I was pregnant I heard about the Bella Band. I didn't know of a local store that sold them, and I'd certainly done my share of spandex items that didn't work. So after I had LLB I hit a local boutique and they had them, so I bought one. It's probably one the best things I purchased.

After having LLB I lost a ton of weight, according to the scale I was almost at my skinniest. (By the way this is just ONE reason of MANY why breastfeeding is GREAT) Well my body wasn't skinny though. I still had that tummy pouch and my clothes fit awkwardly. The Bella Band allowed me to wear my old clothes with no problems.

It works VERY simply. It's an elastic band that comes in four sizes (even up to a 24!!!). You select the size based on your pre-pregnancy pants. You can wear it during pregnancy and even after to help hold pants up or smooth the waistline of pants that can't close at the top. I even wear mine still, I love how it smooths my middle out and makes me feel covered.

One last thing it's great for is breastfeeding, I lived in camisoles but this thing does the trick of keeping you belly covered if you're modest. I was/am very modest when I nurse, I didn't want any skin showing and this band helped keep me covered.

It definitely works but if you're like me and want to see for yourself before you do an online order, see if a local boutique near you carries it. If you're sold and ready to order, carries them online.

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