Monday, October 22, 2007

RAMBLING: Trick or Treat

Halloween is a little over a week away, I hope by now you've secured your costumes. Little kids' costumes seem to disappear at rapid fire. I did a couple of Halloween costume galleries for KOL, so if you're looking for an ensemble for the kiddies, check these links out:

Little Kid Costumes
Big Kid Classic Costumes (my buddy Lyssa wrote this one)
Big Kid KOL Costumes

What's the LLB going to be? Why a lion, of course ... ROAAAAAAAAAAR! :-D And she's a darn cute lion if you ask me. You'll have to wait until Halloween to see the pics of her in the costume. Her Ghost candy bag, showed up last week and it's super-cute and worth every penny I paid for it.

I haven't decided how we'll do Halloween just yet. But I think I'll take her to a local 'hood for some early TorT-ing with friends and then do our little cul-de-sac. She's really too young to know what's going on, but I'm excited that we can wander around in her costume this year. We had a Boo Party yesterday at a friend's house and all the kiddies were in costume, it was too cute for words. And on Thursday this week she'll have a Boo Parade at school so she'll get some good use out of her costume.

The larger question is whether I will dress up this year. Probably not, I don't have an event to go to and just not in the mood. What about you? Are you dressing up? What's your kid going to be? SHARE!

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