Wednesday, October 17, 2007

RAMBLING: Layoffs and Locks

I wanted to update that I still LOVE my haircut and color. Every time I wash it and style it I try a different twist to see if I can perfect it, but it never disappoints. I've not been this excited about my hair in a VERY long time.

And to be honest this is a very good thing, as my self esteem is at an all time low. I was JUST laid off from my full time gig and while I'll be working until December, I'm still looking for work. It doesn't feel good when you send your resume out and receive NOTHING!

I know there's something bigger and better out there, but right now the weight loss, hair and of course my love for my family are what keeps me going. The lesson to all this is to make sure you fix the things you can when you're feeling down. I can't make possible employers call me but I CAN make myself feel great. Positive energy counts for something in this world!

We Are Beautiful In Every Single Way,

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