Friday, October 12, 2007

REVIEW: Boppy -- Not Just For Breastfeeding

The usefulness of The Boppy is often understated. Many write it off as just for breastfeeders ... this is not the case. It is true that The Boppy is GREAT as a breastfeeding pillow, you place it around your middle in your lap to rest your arms and/or the baby on. Mom whose babies had reflux said it's helpful for keeping their little ones in an elevated position. But it's also great as a BABY pillow. When you're little one is in what I like to call the blob phase, you can place him or her on it like I did with LLB in the pic below. They sleep peacefully like this and it can allow you to keep them close while they do.

It also comes in handy during tummy time, just place your child on their tummy with the ring of The Boppy around them. Make sure the edge of the pillow hits just at your baby's arm pits. LLB started enjoying tummy time a million times more when this was done. Here's another pic to show how this is done.

Best of all the girl in me LOVED all the fun prints they come in, you can even pick up slipcovers along the way! I have to admit I was a little "sad" when I was in Target the other day and saw the special Boppy Tummy Time pillow, as this was new and not around when LLB was born. It looked perfect, but to be honest, the original one we had was PERFECT and it would have been yet another toy I had kicking around here after the fact!

Product Information
The Original Boppy Pillow
Made by Boppy
Come in MANY prints and fabric coverings
Is easy to wash and take care of
Priced at approximately $25
Find yours at Froogle

Buying Tip: I think it's wise to get a Bare Naked Boppy (a plain Boppy) and some slipcovers. This way you are going the most economical route and you get to change the look of your Boppy constantly to make it feel new. The Boppy made for tummy time is nice and all but if you're feeling cheap you can easily just throw some toys in front of your Boppy to achieve a similar effect! Splurge if you want though, I know I often do!

Boppy to the Toppy,

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